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Who supports Julie for ALA President 2016-2017?






p wong

Patty Wong
Yolo County Library


Julie is a tireless advocate for our profession and sees the connection between service and building community. As a colleague I was fortunate to work with her on a number of professional activities - she's smart, savvy, and successful. She's determined to make a positive difference in all that she touches…just the kind of leader with whom I want to work.

c alire

Camila Alire
ALA President, 2009-2010


Julie Todaro brings unbelievable experience in association leadership serving as the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) president and as the president of the Texas Library Association (TLA). She has dedicated her career to serving our professional associations. Julie will not only bring experience, content, and substance but also strong practitioner experience to lead ALA.

b turock

Betty Turock
ALA President, 1995-1996


Julie Todaro is the quintessential American Library Association President. She will take on this honor with an enviable history as a leader at significant levels and come to the presidency acknowledged as a passionate visionary for the future of libraries and the challenges they must face and overcome. Her past advocacy has proven irresistible and compelling to disparate groups who have worked together to turn her agenda into reality.

Julie's background is the impeccable foundation that shapes her ability to step into the highest elected position in ALA with energy, creativity and vast knowledge. She has served not only as the president of a chapter and an ALA division, but also as an educator and author with experience in all sizes and types of libraries. Her most impressive credential, though, is that four ALA Past Presidents enlisted her to their Advisory Committees, where she had an unequalled opportunity to learn the practical side of how ALA works and what it takes to formulate and accomplish transformational initiatives at lightening speed. Julie will hit the ground running.

While I share the core values to which Julie stands committed, the one that I bring the strongest allegiance to and highlight as demonstrating her on the mark vision of the future is her advocacy for an increasingly diverse professional work force. Julie's past initiatives resolutely support adding more Emerging Majority librarians to make our workforce increasingly responsive to the communities they serve as their demographic ballasts shift remarkably.

Julie Todaro's quest for the presidency of the American Library Association brings attention and action to values that supply librarians across the nation with an infrastructure for decisions made every day. Given the rapid pace of change in today's society the tools produced from her presidency will be an invaluable asset to all librarians. She is the President our Association needs to keep libraries a strong social force as change surrounds them.

r lawson

Rhea Brown Lawson
Houston Public Library


Julie is a passionate advocate for libraries of all types. Most importantly, she cares about the people who work in libraries and is deeply committed to shaping new leaders and library professionals. Her broad experiences and involvement in library activities demonstrate her commitment to our profession's values and ethics, including access to information and providing quality library services to our diverse communities. She's is a high-energy, highly engaged leader who will work tirelessly for ALA on behalf of the people served by our libraries.

r salazar

Ramiro Salazar
San Antonio Public Library


Julie has been a proven leader both in her professional career and her work with the library profession. She has been one of the most strongest and most effective advocates for the library community. She is comparable meeting with all levels of decision-makers to make a compelling case in support of libraries. She is recognized as an expert in her field and has served as a consultant on many projects. She possesses the type of leadership skills that will serve the American Library Association well. It is because of her proven abilities, her many talents, and her effective leadership that I endorse Julie Todaro for president of the American Library Association.

l sherby

Louise Sherby
CUNY Hunter College


I am happy to support Julie Todaro for ALA President because of her extensive experience as a library leader, manager, teacher, author, and mentor. Additionally, her familiarity with all types of libraries and her knowledge and background in library advocacy, legislative issues and public policy make her an ideal candidate to address ALA's strategic goals and to advance our core professional values with decision-makers across the spectrum at all levels of government and within our community supporters. She is truly a visionary leader and her experience in ACRL, LLAMA, and other ALA Divisions and Committees as well as her experience in TxLA will serve her well as ALA President.

j welburn

Janice Welburn
Marquette University


Decades of engagement in ALA have shown me just how many of us are deeply committed to and passionate about our profession. But Julie Todaro stands out among us in so many ways. As colleagues and collaborator of Julie's for many years, I know she has an exceptional understanding of the challenges libraries of all types are facing in the 21st century, plus the acumen and vision to guide us forward. She has an outstanding ability to build trust and forge alliances across diverse groups, and brings integrity, kindness, and a good sense of humor to everything she does. For so many reasons, Julie is uniquely qualified to lead the ALA and our profession. I am honored to endorse her for the role of ALA president.

m smith

Mark Smith
Texas State Librarian


I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Julie Todaro for ALA President. I have been privileged to know and work with Julie for over 20 years and I greatly admire her leadership, dedication to the profession, and her bold, joyful spirit.
The academic, public, and school libraries of Texas have greatly benefitted from her wisdom and expertise. I look forward to her leadership as ALA President.

l romans

Larry Romans
Vanderbilt Central Library


Julie Todaro will make a great ALA President. She has the abilities and experience needed to succeed in such an important position. Moreover, she is the only candidate who knows how ALA works. ALA cannot afford to provide on-the-job training to its President when there is so much to be done in the short time the person is in office.

j laboon

Jennifer LaBoon
Fort Worth ISD


Julie's experience as a leader among her peers is unparalleled. A force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting for the value of libraries, she inspires and mentors both new and veteran librarians with her vast knowledge of and passion for our profession. If there is a task force or steering committee to be formed, you turn first to Julie to gather the necessary data and make your vision a reality. School librarians in Texas owe our gratitude to Julie for her work over several decades to ensure our students continue to have strong school libraries guided by state standards.

n bates

Naomi Bates
Northwest ISD


Julie has been passionate about advocating for all types of libraries for a long time, as evidenced by her longevity as a member of library associations such as ALA and TLA. What makes Julie unique is that she has is actively involved not only on her professional level, but in her community and state, serving on committees to see positive change come to libraries. I enthusiastically support Julie Todaro's candidacy for ALA President knowing she takes everything she becomes a part of not only with passion, but with foresight and thoroughness.

w betts

Walter Betts
Texas Christian University


Warren Bennis said that “leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Julie Todaro is a proven leader, having served as the Dean of Library Services for Austin Community College, president of the largest ALA Division (Association of College & Research Libraries), and president of the largest ALA state chapter (Texas Library Association). She is an eloquent advocate who can speak to the issues facing school, public, and academic libraries and work with others to forge solutions. I am proud to endorse Julie Todaro for ALA President—the candidate that has (with apologies to Ann Richards) “the hat and the cattle.”

o frost

C. Olivia Frost
Professor Emerita, University of Michigan


Julie and I were faculty colleagues at the University of Michigan in the 80s. Over the years, it’s been fascinating to see her career ascend to such challenging and impressive levels of responsibility. As instructor, mentor, manager, leader - whatever Julie has undertaken she has approached with unmatched enthusiasm and dedication to her profession.

t fishel

Terri Fishel
Macalester College


In addition to knowing Julie when she was President of ACRL, I worked briefly with her when I was chair of the Value of Academic Libraries committee and she was just getting underway in making visible progress with the CCSSE (Community College Student Survey of Engagement) to include questions related to the role of the library in contributing to student success. With the increased awareness of the role Community Colleges play in improving educational and employment opportunities for all adults, Julie would be an excellent President of ALA in advancing public awareness of the role all libraries play in supporting and adding value to our communities.

l philippi

Liz Philippi
Houston ISD


I have known and worked with Julie for the past 15 years. I strongly support her candidacy for President of the American Library Association. In all of the time that I have known and worked with Julie she has worked tirelessly to advocate and support all types of libraries and librarians. She always works hard at any task asked of her and supports other colleagues in our profession. I feel that her past activities and actions demonstrate what a strong, fair ALA president she would make.

a specht

Alice Specht
Hardin-Simmons University


Dr. Todaro has always been a leader in library advocacy in many arenas. As a mentor Julie is generous with her time and ideas. She has provided strong support for new librarians to the profession. She listens to the various ideas that come forward and is adept at finding consensus. Julie is good at managing her time so as to cover her own job and still have time as a library leader beyond her own library. I look forward to Julie's presidency.

h totten

Herman Totten
University of North Texas


Julie Todaro will continue to work for the interests of all types of libraries, is committed to developing library leaders and mentoring new generations of library professionals.
I am also impressed by Julie's active involvement in public policy concerns and ensuring positive outcomes in library legislative and advocacy efforts.
With Julie previously serving as President of TLA and ACRL, she has the experience necessary for the position she seeks. Additionally, Julie's service on multiple boards and ALA Presidential Initiatives combined with her success managing the Austin Community College libraries, I do not hesitate to endorse the candidacy of Julie Todaro for ALA President.

j aguinaga

José Aguiñaga
Glendale Community College


Julie has always exemplified high standards regarding our profession and has led by example through her numerous contributions at the local, state, and national level. My professional experiences with Julie (ACRL and the Community College Library Services Section, CJCLS) confirm my commitment and encourage for your support of her presidential candidacy for ALA. She is a visionary leader that will engage the membership of the association.

y chandler

Yvonne Chandler
TLA President, 2013-2014
University of North Texas


ALA can't miss by electing my colleague Julie Todaro as President. I've known Julie for more than 25 years. There is no better friend. She taught me how to study for my doctoral examinations. Thanks to her tips, I passed. What can you say about the total professional: a great teacher, fantastic administrator, and excellent colleague. A librarian's librarian - they broke the mold when Ms. Todaro was made. I wholeheartedly give my support for her election to the presidency of the American Library Association.

k johnson

Kris Johnson
Montana State University Library


Julie already has the executive experience needed to serve as ALA president, having been elected by her peers to serve as president of ACRL and the Texas Library Association. Julie is a go-getter, running a library system for the sixth largest community college system in the United States. Julie knows how to juggle multiple priorities while representing the interests of all, and is knowledgeable about issues affecting our profession ranging from diversity to leadership and beyond. When I think about who I would like testifying before congress or giving an interview to NPR or the New York Times, I want Julie representing me and my profession. Simply put, Julie has a depth and breadth of experience that no other candidate has.

c mlinar

Courtney Mlinar
Austin Community College


Julie Todaro has an evidence-based, successful track record for advocacy, successfully navigating diverse political environments within professional librarian associations with stakeholders for various types of libraries for over 30 years. Julie has a well-rounded background which may help unite ALA in a way that has not been possible before and open up new conversations within ALA. She has exemplified servant leadership, serving as Texas Library Association President, ACRL President and has tirelessly served on numerous association committees, advocating for academic, state and public libraries. Julie will be able to take this conversation organically to the next level, advocating for librarians and communicating what we do/how we make a difference in our communities.

t byrd

Theresa Byrd
University of San Diego


I’ve known Julie for many years through ACRL work and she is an energetic and visionary leader.

w l hisle

W. Lee Hisle
Connecticut College


Julie Todaro will make an outstanding ALA president. She's an advocate, an educator, an author and an outstanding librarian. She'll bring true grit to the position...and plenty of good humor. The association and the profession will both benefit greatly.

s dimattia

Susan DiMattia
SLA President, 1999-2000


Julie's commitment to broad and open communication of the role and value of libraries is essential for an ALA President. In her many professional activities, I have watched her passion for outstanding customer service combined with her dedication to advocacy and a vision for libraries, built on a solid foundation of management excellence, another requirement for a successful ALA President. Former ALA Presidents have enlisted her to bring their visions to fruition, proving the impact she already has had on the strength of ALA and the respect in which she is held by her colleagues.

j larson

Jeanette Larson
Larson Library Consulting


I support Julie because she has already led a large library association as president of the Texas Library Association. She is a true Renaissance librarian with a true commitment to furthering all types of libraries and supporting librarians from all areas of the profession. There are few other librarians who have truly touched so many different libraries in so many ways.


Tracey Mendoza
Alamo Colleges


Julie is a woman of many talents and relevant experience. She has been an advocate for libraries and library users for many years. She has administrative and consulting experience in supporting libraries of all types and her experiences extend to working with stakeholders such as elected officials and civic administrators. Working with other dedicated professionals who do not always see things the same way is a reality and Julie has demonstrated how she maneuvers in this kind of situation. Her involvement in professional organizations and willingness to take leadership roles is well documented. Julie knows libraries.

a lapsley

Andrea Lapsley
LLAMA President, 2006-2007


Julie is a dedicated leader having served the library profession in many leadership roles throughout her career. As president of the Association of College and Research Professional (ACRL) and president of the Texas Library Association (TLA) she knows what it takes to move an organization and its programs forward. What makes Julie so special is her ability to understand the issues, see it from different perspectives, bring the issue to consensus and clearly communicate it to staff. Her numerous articles and training courses on leadership and mentoring show that she is a proven practitioner. Her humor, knowledge and ability to make things happen make Julie the best choice for our next ALA President.

s mann

Susan Mann
TLA President-Elect
Hillsboro Public Library


I have been fortunate enough to attend many of Julie's workshops/CE. I have seen Julie help and motivate numerous librarians in all types of libraries and at various stages of their careers. I have witnessed first-hand on numerous occasions Julie presenting issues of concern to legislators, commission members and legislative staff. Julie has an exceptional talent to assess her audience and speak to them about our issues in terms they can understand and appreciate. We can all be proud of the way Julie will represent librarians and libraries to the outside world. I strongly urge everyone to join Team Todaro and vote for Julie!

g pruett

Gretchen Pruett
New Braunfels Public Library


Julie Todaro has been the embodiment of library excellence for me since I came into this profession, even though we have pursued different tracks. She is a generous mentor and friend, and has a passion for public service that underlies everything that she undertakes, large or small. She also has the gift of making the complex issues of our profession understandable to lay people as well as her peers. And understanding is always the key to moving forward.

k cassell

Kay Cassell


I support Julie Todaro's candidacy for the President of ALA. Julie's record as a leader, manager, teacher and advocate for libraries makes her an ideal ALA President. She has shown her leadership abilities as the President of ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) and TLA (Texas Library Association). She has knowledge of all types of libraries and has worked in academic, school and public libraries. Julie has been a teacher and an author both developing materials to train librarians and actually doing the training. I can't think of anyone I would rather see as ALA President.

a hall

Angela Hall
Round Rock ISD


Julie Todaro is the reason I am in Texas and so heavily involved with the Texas Library Association. Because of her training and expertise, she has always been a guiding force in my library career. In addition, her professional involvement in our very own Texas Library Association, is the reason, I'm an active leader and member in TLA.
Julie is a trendsetter in the library profession, always going above and beyond. Julie not only helps foster the development of those in our profession, but she is also a trailblazer and an innovator. Julie is a valuable asset wherever she goes and whatever she does!

p singer

Paula Singer
Singer Group


With great enthusiasm, I endorse Julie Todaro for the presidency of ALA. It's tough to capture Julie's many achievements and her energy and expertise in just a few sentences. Her tool kits, workshops, and publications have reached thousands in the wonderful profession and sparked lasting change. Julie has helped to advance libraries of all types and sizes, is highly experienced in legislative and public policy matters, and is a masterful communicator and library leader. As the president of ALA, she will position libraries and ALA to grow successfully in the future.

a kleiman

Allan Kleiman
Montville Township Public Library


ALA needs Julie's leadership and consensus building skills to move the association into a more embracing environment. Her experience as past Texas Library Association President gives her an understanding between the chapters and ALA, and her being a past ACRL President gives her an understanding between ALA and the divisions. Over the years she has shared her expertise and practical experience with Libraries all over the United states with her work in LAMA presentations and consulting. She truly understands what makes libraries of all types and sizes tick. Julie's experience provides background and knowledge from the inside out and from the outside in; she definitely has an ability to view all sides of the issue. This is exactly what ALA needs to fill its' mission and vision.

d hand

Dorcas Hand
Annunciation Orthodox School


Julie Todaro is one of the first public librarians I met when I moved to Houston in 1978; I returned to her over and over for help with my latest ideas in the school where I was then librarian. That was long before either of us held any office in TLA, much less ALA. More recently, I have appreciated Julie's strong efforts in behalf of all librarians in Texas and on the national stage. Julie will be a very strong leader for ALA - she listens to everyone, and moves forward with all best interests at heart.

t burns

Ty Burns
Clear Creek ISD


I have known and worked with Julie Todaro for the past 21 years I have been a librarian. She is a tireless advocate for libraries of all kinds. When presented with a problem, she works with all parties involved to resolve the issue. Her professionalism and demeanor makes her an excellent choice for ALA President.

v fisher

Vicki Fisher
Alief ISD


Julie Todaro will be an excellent President of ALA. She has worked tirelessly in Texas to support all libraries in the years I've known her. You can't miss her as she is wherever a library event is going on.

r baum

Rachel Baum
NYLA President, 2006-2007


I've known Julie since her days teaching children's literature at the Rice University Publishing Institute, and later, as my professor and advisor at the a University of Michigan. She is the quintessential professional, the smartest person in the room and also the warmest and most accessible. No one I know of combines her knowledge and vast experience in every aspect of the library and information science world. In fact, she wrote the book(s) on it! She is a leader in cowboy boots

d krause

Dawn Krause
Manhattan Area Technical College


Julie Todaro is a teacher, mentor, director, trainer, committee-member, consultant, librarian, Phd all wrapped in a bejeweled package. She represents the interests of libraries, librarians and education with great passion, has a keen intellect and a clear head. She's managed countless library and education programs and strategic initiatives throughout her career. Her breadth of knowledge across library types and around the country is unmatched by any other library professional I've run across in my career. She is always willing to impart her wisdom and knowledge to those looking to come up in the profession and would represent ALA in a progressive way. Go Julie!

i mouchayleh

Imad Mouchayleh
Fort Worth, Texas


I had the pleasure to work with Julie on a variety of academic and administrative initiatives at Austin Community College District. Out of the many hallmarks that Julie possesses as an administrator, is her commitment and dedication to the student success and degree completion; the integrity and the high ethical standards that define her transparent corporate and leadership management style; her competency as a leader that exceeds any professional standard and expectation. Julie will be a great asset to the ALA community an dmembership. She will bring added value and will enrich the ALA community with expertise, dedication, perfessionalism

mj humphreys

Mary Jo Humphreys
Round Rock, Texas


It has been my pleasure to know Julie Todaro for the past 10 years. I have worked on several Texas Library Association committees with her. She is very much aware of the needs of school librarians and totally in sync with the school library community. She has employed many of my school librarian colleagues at Austin Community College taking advantage of the need for personnel familiar with high school to college transitionI highly endorse Julie as President of the American Library Association. Her knowledge, experience, wit, work ethic, and perseverance will make us proud to follow her as our national leader.

b zobell

Bonnie ZoBell
Author of What Happened Here and The Whack-Job Girls


Julie Todaro is as passionate, dedicated, and whip smart about librarianship as she was when I met her thirty years ago at Columbia University. Her love of the field and ability to quickly comprehend and be innovative about the technical aspects of the job surpasses anybody else's I've seen. Not only that, but she loves to read! What more can you ask for in a librarian?

c gray

Carlyn Gray
Round Rock ISD


Julie is knowledgeable about all kinds of libraries. She chairs committees at every level, organizes library rallies, has been president of TLA, but most importantly she uses her creative mind to initiate new programs and ideas that propel libraries and librarians into the future. She's has been a pioneer in transforming libraries and meeting the challenges of the future. She has spoken for libraries on Capitol Hill and has been known to sway legislators with her logic. She has lead us in collecting data research to justify our requests for State and Federal funding. She has been instrumental in securing statewide K-12 online resources for public schools in Texas. As the Director of Library Services in Round Rock ISD, I am avidly supporting Julie Todaro for ALA President.

t wanner

Ted Wanner
Texas Library Association


I have worked with Dr. Todaro on several training projects, from Small Library Management courses at the Texas State Library to a host of webinars for school, public, and academic libraries at the Texas Library Association. She is currently the instructor for a year-long online series for library support staff that has attracted almost 1000 participants from all types of institutions. Dr. Todaro has a lifelong commitment to improving the quality of service for all libraries, at every level, in every region of the country. While she educates staff, she also educates politicians through many years of advocacy for libraries and library values. Julie Todaro has the experience, intelligence, and passion to lead ALA into the future.

j p wolf

Julie Planchon Wolf
University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College


I support Julie Todaro because she is a well-rounded, visionary librarian that has worked as a children's librarian, an academic librarian, a library administrator, and has served as ACRL President. She is an inspiring leader who has already succeeded on the national stage. As ALA President she will be a positive change agent that I will be excited to follow.

m castro

Maribel Castro
Lubbock Christian University
TLA President, 2010-2011


The first words that come to mind when I think of Julie are "hard working." Once she makes a commitment, she does it fiercely & wholeheartedly. Her incredible trajectory championing libraries & librarians is proof. Julie's experience, perseverance, and dedication makes her the ideal leader for ALA.

s r henderson

Sheila Ross Henderson
Austin Community College, Round Rock, Texas


Committed to making a difference is one phrase that describes Dr. Julie B. Todaro, Dean of Austin Community College Library Services. Her knowledge and intellect speak for themselves through the books and articles she authors, the workshops she facilitates, and the virtual and in-person discussions she leads. She is frequently called upon to share her knowledge and skills as a consultant to library staff, boards and administrators. Moreover, the leadership she provides serving in organizations at local, state, and national levels within and beyond our profession is exemplary. Julie has what it takes to provide strong leadership to ALA.

m doty

Mikail M. McIntosh-Doty
Concordia University Texas


Julie would be an outstanding candidate for ALA President. Given the recent recognition of the unique role community colleges play in educating all Americans and the complementary role that libraries of all types play in education and sustaining communities, having someone like Julie at the head of ALA puts a lot energy behind both community college and library initiatives. Plus, Julie knows her stuff, communicates well her positions, and has the ability to put vision into practice (and the record to prove it).

t mesa

Tina Mesa
Palo Alto College


I wholeheartedly endorse Julie Todaro's candidacy for ALA President! Julie's passion and dedication to advocating for libraries of all kinds is evident to all who know her and have worked with her. She was recognized by her peers as Texas Library Association (TLA) Librarian of the Year in 1996 and soon after, her peers elected her TLA President. Her leadership spans beyond the Texas boundaries and her national commitment to libraries earned her the ACRL Presidency. As my mentor for the past 20 years, I know that Julie will be an exceptionally valuable asset to ALA!

s ballard

Susan Ballard
Granite State College
AASL President, 2012-2013


I am proud to endorse Julie Todaro for ALA President. The breadth and depth of her experience, understanding of the challenges facing the profession, as well as her recognition of so many opportunities to be capitalized on and remarkable service record in academic, public, school and special libraries combine to make Julie the very best choice to lead ALA. I can't wait to see where she takes us!

j miers

John Miers
Florida State University


After watching the election candidate forum, and reading the materials on each candidate, I choose to endorse Julie Todaro. The combination of her experience, track record, and vision statement led me to this decision. Under her guidance, the ALA will have a very strong and productive year. I encourage all who do not know the candidates, to listen, and read each one's experience and position. I wholeheartedly endorse Julie Todaro for ALA President 2015.

g mccord

Gretchen McCord
TLA President, 2005-2006
Digital Information Law


Julie Todaro is more than a passionate, knowledgeable, experienced advocate and leader (though she is all of those); she is effective! She is effective at anything she sets out to achieve, and that is a mighty long list. For over twenty years, Julie has been (and continues to be) my mentor, colleague, and friend. I have learned more from working with and observing Julie than I could ever explain, and one lesson is that, try as I might, I will never be able to accomplish half of what Julie already has. And accomplishing even half is a worthy goal indeed!

e cortez

Ed Cortez
University of Tennessee, Knoxville


To summarize Julie's qualifications for ALA President I would say that in all of her various roles as teacher, researcher, advisor, consultant and administrator she has combined diligent attention to detail with encouragement and support of creative initiatives. Her leadership style is one of collaboration and consensus building--achieved with humor respect for others, and an earnest approach to issues without being overly zealous or serious. The message she conveys is that together we can succeed. Her major administrative strengths are vision and leadership, coalition building, having an eye for detail, and being skilled for setting priorities and achieving goals. I fully endorse Dr. Julie Todaro for ALA President and encourage you to vote for her which will be a vote for our profession.

t cannon

Tyrone Cannon
University of San Francisco


Julie will bring excellent leadership to our association as president of ALA. I have worked closely with her on the ACRL Board and I know she truly believes in the transformational power of our profession. She's a hard worker who demonstrates vision, creativity, energy, a passion for all types of libraries; coupled with a wonderful sense of practicality and humor.

d smith

David Smith
Austin, Texas


Julie brings refreshing insight into bringing all librarians together!

e smith

Edward Smith
Abilene Library Consortium
TLA Executive Board 2012-2015


Dr. Todaro is a proven leader. She has the skills, experience, energy, and vision to make an exceptional ALA President.


Susan Fishman
Woods Hole, MA


Although retired & now a life member, I still follow ALA activities. Many years ago--many decades ago--I attended a presentation Julie gave, just as Powerpoint was becoming a factor in presentations. I was very impressed with the organization of the material & the way she presented it. I'm sure Julie will be an excellent president of ALA.

p hogan

Patricia Hogan
Poplar Creek Library, Streamwood, IL


I endorse Julie Todaro for ALA President because her intelligence, ability to work with different groups and her experience are just what ALA members need to lead the members and Association and to go forward. These are challenging times for everyone but Julie knows how to handle situations, communicate with different groups and stand proudly for our core values. An endorsement for me is a major step but it is one I am happy to take for such a superb candidate. Please join me in supporting and voting for Julie.

b scudder

Beth Scudder
McKinney, Texas


I met Julie Todaro at the TALL Texans Leadership Development Institute where she was a class mentor. She was clearly a star in the profession, yet still down to earth and eager to offer guidance. Julie offered practical advice then, and has continued to do so over the years, and she will be a true leader and mentor for all librarians as the ALA President.

Maro Ascecio

Mario Ascencio
REFORMA President, 2007-2008
Art Center College of Design


I'm part of Team Julie because I know she will bring her great leadership experience to ALA. I first met Julie in 2005 and in 2007 I saw her become ACRL president. During her presidency, I witnessed Julie reach out to younger librarians, like myself at the time, to get them involved in the organization. I know as ALA president, Julie will do the same.



l hardesty

Larry Hardesty
ACRL President, 1999-2000
Kearney, Nebraska


r newlen

Robert Newlen
Library of Congress



i owens

Irene Owens
North Carolina Central University


e bowman

Elizabeth Bowman
Santa Barbara City College



r dougherty

Richard (Dick) Dougherty
Professor Emeritus
University of Michigan


e collier

Ellie Collier
Moravian College



c gits

Carrie Gits
Austin Community College


b ford

Barbara J. Ford
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



b woolls

Blanche Woolls
San José State University


r dahlstrom

Ruth Dahlstrom
TLA President, 1994-1995



s miculek

Sally Miculek
Georgetown Public Library


k vargas

Karen Vargas
Texas Medical Center Library



l cowling

Lola Cowling
Austin Community College


d bruxvoort

Diane Bruxvoort
University of Aberdeen
LLAMA President, 2014-2015



r hasenyager

Ric Hasenyager
NYC Department of Education


k baen

Karen Baen
Southwest Texas Junior College
Sul Ross - Rio Grande College



c b casiano

Carol Brey-Casiano
ALA President, 2004-2005


c fiorillo

Camille Fiorillo
Palo Alto College



d baca

David Baca
Texas A&M Galveston


d kearley

Donna Kearley
Denton ISD



t ashley

Teresa Ashley
Austin Community College


Support Julie